dog treat naturals

all-natural and limited ingredients in every treat


made in the usa

each of our products are sourced, manufactured, and packaged in the heartland of america.

here at dog treat naturals, we pride ourselves on being all-natural and having limited ingredients in all our products. based in the heartland of america, dog treat naturals wants our customers to feel confident in giving their four-legged friends our treats.


our treats

after reading countless labels, with ingredients we couldn’t pronounce, and way too many dog treat recalls, dog treat naturals decided to start making their own healthy treats for all your fur babies. our midwest company is constantly researching and staying up-to-date on health and wellness trends making sure we are giving you and your four-legged friends the best possible product. ​


wheat, corn, and soy-free  ●  no artificial preservatives  ●  usda certified protein  

DNT VALUE Beef Sticks 6oz FRONT.png
DNT VALUE Chicken Sticks 6oz FRONT.png
DNT VALUE Beef Sliders 6oz FRONT.png
DNT VALUE Chicken Sliders 6oz FRONT.png
DNT VALUE Beef Squares 6oz FRONT.png
DNT VALUE Chicken Squares 6oz FRONT.png

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DNT VALUE Dental Sticks 6oz FRONT.png

dental sticks

our dental sticks are made to freshen your dog's breath with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 

these dental sticks act as a delicious treat for your dog and at the same time, help to reduce the plaque build-up and gives them a fresher breath. it's a win, win if you ask us! 



a huge shout out to our amazing customers and supporters, seeing all of your reviews truly makes our day!

"these are a good size for many types of dogs, or they can be broken in half to have smaller pieces. they are square-shaped, soft, and chewy beef flavor treats. the dogs enjoyed them a lot. the bag is also resealable to keep the treats fresh."

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